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Welcome to Akhsah Pharma
a consumer-oriented healthcare company that focuses on quality, affordability and access to improve healthcare outcomes of the communities we serve
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Serving the world from the heart of Asia
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The Science of Medicine, The Art of Perfection
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Our Philosophy

Corporate Focus

The focus of our company is on quality, efficiency, innovation and good manufacturing practices

Quality and Efficiency

Akhsah’s philosophy focuses on producing high quality generic medicine using the latest technology to deliver healing solutions to patients that need them. We spend our time improving production techniques that ensure that each product delivers value to its user. Our production unit employs international technology and machinery from around the world as well as a lean production methodology. We aim to deliver high-class medicines using quality raw material inputs and production techniques synthesized by a highly skilled workforce.

Innovative Practice

At Akhsah, our core belief centres around the development of best practices. We aim to be at the forefront of generic drug manufacture. This venture has a deep focus on understanding how the future of health is evolving around the world and we aim to play our part by applying the art of innovation across the company. From our understanding of raw materials, methods of manufacture and distribution and the application of our products, we hope to create a better world for patients. We believe that robust quality control and a reliable supply of medicines for patients is every bit as important as scientific innovation.

Focus on Manufacture

We ensure world-class quality in design, equipment and operations in our manufacturing facility. We have established a state-of-the-art production facility which encompasses high quality laboratory equipment sourced from around the world, with best in class production lines and a custom-built HVAC system that creates the ideal environment to maintain the quality of our final product